About Us

Universal Dynasty Inc.,  is a well respected trucking brokerage company based on the internet. In today’s fast paced world most consumers rely heavily on the internet to keep their businesses running. We understand that you need access to our freight transportation services in a fast and reliable manner.

Our services are available to you around the clock.Request a quote today and we will offer you one of the most competitive rates available. We track shipments so you are not left standing in the cold not knowing where your shipment is. Our extensive private network of 500,000 carriers gives you access to some of the best trucking companies in the lower 48 states. We work with large and small shippers and can ship any sized cargo. Our expertise of road, air, sea, and rail freight transportation services, our network of experienced experts, and our commitment to dependable and complete freight management allow us to satisfy all our clients’ needs.

We strive to provide the most qualified and safe trucking companies to get our customers cargo where it needs to go in a timely manner.